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Submitted on
November 29, 2004
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Here's to what we used to have
  and guarding doors at the lav.
Here's to dinner after midnight
  and to how we would rarely fight.
Here's to the games we used to play
  and to the sorrows we drank away.
Here's to all the smoking we would do
  and to how we used to stick like glue.
Here's to all the movies watched
  and to all the plans we botched.
Here's to secrets that we shared
  and to how no one else cared.
Here's to the hours of watching cable TV
  and to the talk of our non-virginity.
Here's to all our inside jokes
  and to all the playful pokes.
Here's to merely two hours of sleep
  right before the working week.
Here's to hugging for no reason
  or to heal an emotional lesion.
Here's to crying from sadness
  and to crying from happiness.
So at last,
  Here's to you;
  Here's to me;
  Here's to us
  and our past.
I miss spending time with my friends that left or stayed when I left or who are physically close but have wandered away from me emotionally. I love you Kody , Andy and Amy!
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forbiddensnowflake Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2005
I think you need to break this up into separate stanzas.
poems are really hard to read when they have no breaks in my opinion, but besides that I think it's generally I good piece.
WarriorPoet Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2005
Interesting, I've never seen one just quite like this. I love original styles like yours.

honnelore Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2005
scamper Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2005
A very personal piece obviously.

It inspires me about my friendships I currently have...
MTLV Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
I actually thought this was a good concept giving a toast to things in the past kind of unique. some of my friends drifted away as well so I can relate to how hard that can be.
honnelore Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2005
It is sad when that happens.
LittleO Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
That's something people love ^_^ Reminiscing :)
humors Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2005
Love this alot. The meaning.

Love it.
honnelore Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2005
Thank you so much! :)
KateHughes Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2005  Professional Photographer
i can really relate to this :)
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